Spanish Document Translation - Importance Of Specific Medical Translations

Spanish document translation, particularly when it comes to medical documentation, needs to be undertaken with particular care and attention to detail. The smallest mistake in business can cost money, however, when it comes to medical documents even the smallest mistake can cost lives, or change them in a number of unexpected ways.

Translation is always a serious business. Correct document translation in the business world can mean the difference between financial security or financial ruin. In the world of medicine, it can mean the difference between the right course of treatment and medication and the completely wrong course of action. A misunderstanding of one word, or of the context of that one word is all it takes for mistakes to happen. While professional translators know to look at the whole, as well as the individual parts, those with less experience can easily forget this and rely instead on focusing just on words or sounds that they are familiar with. This is basis of what happened to Willie Ramirez; rushed to hospital in a comatose state, he was unable to speak and was reliant on family members with little English, to communicate with staff who had little Spanish. One staff member translated the word “intoxicado” as “intoxicated” and this one mistake meant that the true diagnosis of a brain hemorrhage was missed leaving him as a quadriplegic. While this example is over 30 years old, it clearly highlights why, particularly within the medical field, hiring translation services is so essential.

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