Professional Language Translation Services - Make Sure They’re ATA Certified

Professional language translation services – when hiring someone over the internet, you need the best possible candidate. When it comes to translation, you need someone you can completely put your faith into; especially as they are likely to be handling delicate information regarding your business. Here are some tips to ensure you hire someone trustworthy and professional.

Thanks to the internet, you can hire a plethora of translation freelancers and roaming translation professionals. Though don’t be deceived by those who can’t do the job well. Many people that advertise themselves on the internet haven’t been working in their chosen field for a long time. Additionally, some aren’t members of prestigious translation organisations. This is an absolute must for people that work in creative and expressive fields, such as those who work in translation services. Translators, whether they earn their income from freelancing or have a full-time job at a translating firm, all aim to be a part of the legendary American Translators Association. Founded over sixty years ago, it’s now the largest association of translators and interpreters. It’s essentially the Olympian gold medal for those that work in the language industry – and is a stamp of approval. If your writing or document needs to be translated into a foreign language, or needs to be edited or to be proofread, then purchase a translation from someone who is ATA certified. Not only will it show that they’ve been approved by a licenced governing body, but it’ll ensure that you’ll get the best possible professional translation services. Before you click the hire button, look out for the ATA certification.

Here at Logical Translation & Localization, our translators are ATA certified, so you know that no matter what the translation, you’re getting the best deal possible. Log on to our website to see our competitive prices for professional language translation services at