Professional French Translation Services - From English To Formal French

Professional French translation services are key if you want to broaden your horizons and make your business visible to oversea nations. Sometimes, GCSE and A-Level French just won’t cut it for your important and critical documents – you’ll need a fully-fledged translation that can whip your documents into formal shape.

Seeing as French is spoken in countries such as Canada, Switzerland and France itself, it’s no surprise that it is taught as a second language in schools around the world. While this level of teaching provides you with enough skills for a holiday, or as the basis for moving to a French speaking country, it is not on its own enough when it comes to understanding and translating business, and other important documents. The main reason for this is because, like most languages, there are differences between conversational French and the more formal version of the language used in important, or official documents and occasions. Mistakes can be made with clunky phrasing, past and future tenses and other various aspects that may not be so obviously wrong, but can be potentially fatal for the clarity of the translated document itself. By hiring professional translation services who have mastered the skill of converting one language to another, you’ll be able to be assured that the written communication coming out of your company will be edited with upmost clarity. You can also be confident that the reader will be able to completely understand what’s on the page. Translators maintain a self-sufficient skill set so not only can they provide translation services, but they can also edit and proofread the work too.

By hiring professional French translation services from our team at Logical Translation & Localization, we can transform your post, article, document or website into the French language in an instant. Browse our website at to see what other languages and document types we offer.