French Document Translation – Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Software

French document translation relies not just on translating individual words, but also on grasping their meaning, and the meaning of the sentences they create. This is always important in reading and writing, but it is even more important when it comes to translation. This is the key reason why a professional is better than a piece of software.

French, and many other languages around the globe, differ from English in sentence structure and grammar. Understanding this point is important when it comes document translation and the service you use to achieve the translation. There are a range of software options available that will translate text, almost instantly. One of the most widely used, especially for web pages, is Google translate. However, if you use it to translate a French website into English, you will very quickly notice that quite large chunks of the text don’t make sense. This is not because the translation is wrong; each word has been faithfully translated from one language to the other. The problem is, that is all the software has done, it has translated word for word, with no thought or care given to the order the words need to be presented in, in the new language. Now this may be enough to give you a rough idea of the contents of the website, you may even be able to unpick the grammatically confused text, but consider what would happen if you took this approach to a document that was to be presented at a board meeting! It’s fair to say that without the skills of experienced translation services, your position within the company may soon be out of the natural order of things.

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