Dutch Document Translation – Why You Should Hire A Professional

Dutch document translation is just one of those scenarios where the best option is to get a translator to do the job for you. It’s an extremely particular language that is hard to get to grips with and can cause a lot of stress for those that haven’t encountered the language before. Read on to find out why.

Dutch is the national language of the Netherlands and Belgium. It’s spoken by over twenty-two million native speakers and is a common secondary language for inhabitants of Germany and France. There are many ways in which Dutch is utterly confusing. While in personal situations literal translations and the mistakes that follow can be highly comedic, they are far from hilarious in a business or legal situation. Something as simple as handschoenen, literally translated as hand-shoe may be comical between friends. But, if it is not understood to be the Dutch term for glove during a business meeting, then the lack of experienced translation services could cost you a new manufacturing, or distribution contract. Another example is toiletbril. A simple mistake could have you translating this common term as toilet-glasses, rather than its actual translation of toilet seat. Such as simple mistake could cause ultimate confusion during say, a divorce case between a multi-lingual couple where the behaviour around the home of one party is called into question. While this is a very simple example, court cases can be won and lost based on mistranslations and lack of understanding of the importance placed on words by different cultures. You can avoid this difficultly by employing professional document translation services.

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