Document Translation For Legal Documents

Document translation is a vital tool in the modern business world. Many businesses deal with foreign clients or suppliers and excellent communication is an integral component of industry. When you’re handling documentation for foreign counterparts, you need to be assured that it is of the highest quality. This is of particular importance when those documents are legal ones. Unless you employ specialists from translation services who are adept in the specific field of legal translation then you run the risk of endangering not only your relationship with a single client, but your entire business. Mistakes can be costly so try to avoid them wherever possible.

The Importance Of Specialist Translation Services For Legal Documentation

When you’re looking at document professional translation services for legal documentation, it’s tempting to utilise translators you’ve used before on other projects. You may think that all work within the same language requires the same skills, so one individual offering Portuguese document translation is likely the same as the next. However, when it comes to legal work, this can be a dangerous assumption. You’ll need an expert in legal practices and terminology in the language you wish to translate to. It’s highly intricate work and there are good reasons why many translators choose not to offer translation of legal documents. Accuracy is paramount in all types of translation work, but with legal texts, mistakes can be humiliating and expensive. Even the slightest error in drawing up a contract, patent or statement can result in lengthy legal proceedings simply to reverse the error. Countries have their own specific ways of setting out legally binding texts, both in terms of structure and terminology. If you’re dealing with Italian document translation for, say, a contract between two manufacturing companies then, for it to be legal in Italy, it needs to conform to that country’s specifications. A good legal translator will know this, while a translator who deals primarily with more general texts may not. Every country has its own legal terminology and, despite some attempts to harmonise, there will always be discrepancies. If you’re tempted to cut corners and hire a general translator to work on legal documentation, then be prepared for problems that you may encounter further down the line.

What To Look For When You’re Searching For English Document Translation

Translators of legal texts need to be competent in several areas. Primarily, they must know the target language intimately. This involves understanding the writing style and formatting of legal documents in that country and being familiar with terminology from both the source language and target language. If you’re searching for English document translation, you should be aware that word for word translation is impossible when it comes to legal documentation. This would create an illegible document that would be neither useful nor legally binding. Legal translators need to be part detective, able to investigate the ramifications of using a specific word in a specific context. While exact translations may not be possible, the meaning needs to be as clear in the target language as it is in the source text, and this is the point on which an excellent and experienced translator is worth their weight in gold. Where a document is to be used will influence how a translator approaches a text. They will never believe that a one size fits all approach will suit any type of legal documentation, so if they don’t ask pertinent questions about how and why this text will be used then you know you’ve selected the wrong translator. Whether you’re searching for German document translation or translation for an Asiatic or African language, you must employ a translator who can accommodate all your requirements. If you employ someone like Logical Translation & Localization then you’re more likely to find the right legal translator for you.

Searching For Document Translation? Choose Logical Translation & Localization

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