Chinese Document Translation - It’s Difficult Without A Professional

Chinese document translation is particularly tricky due to various factors, so it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most requested translation procedures. As China and other Chinese-speaking countries are giants in business sectors, it’s essential that the translation services used are experts in their field to ensure that documents are correctly understood by Chinese readers.

Chinese is the language with the most speakers around the world. In fact, there are one billion individuals that write and speak in Chinese on a daily basis. There are between seven and thirteen regional dialects, or varieties of the Chinese language, with Mandarin being the most commonly used, particularly within the business world. The importance of China, and therefore of Chinese within the business world makes high quality translation services an absolute must. Mistakes are not only embarrassing, but can cost a fortune in investment, sales and international goodwill. One of the reasons that an expert in the language should be considered is because the relationship between oral Chinese and written Chinese is particularly complex, especially due to the use of Han characters. These represent a writing system that is logosyllabic – meaning that a character equates to one syllable of spoken Chinese. Mistakes in a single character can change the whole meaning of an entire document. Seasoned professionals are able to translate not just the words, but the meaning and tone of any document translation they are presented with, from medical to legal, and from technical to a host of business sectors.

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