Translation Services

Translation Services – Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Auto Translate Tools

Translation Services

A lot of people overlook translation services in favour of using auto translate tools, such as, Google translate. This is, of course, because such tools are free, and all businesses want to reduce their expenses wherever possible. But, this is not something you should be cutting back on, and below we reveal the reasons why.

First and foremost, there are accuracy problems when using auto translate tools. This is to be expected. After all, technology cannot match up with human skill when it comes to something like this. There is always the risk that the translation is going to be unnatural or simply incorrect. And, you have no way to tell if it is accurate or not, meaning you could put something on your website that makes no sense. This would be very embarrassing and show a lack of professionalism.

Moreover, the quality of these tools is going to vary from language pair to language pair. Therefore, if you need document translation for a rare language pair, you may find auto translation tools completely useless. You also need to consider the fact that professional translation services will implement careful quality control. Native speakers will review the document to ensure that everything makes sense and reads naturally.

Do you plan on using the content for online purposes? If so, using an auto translate solution could actually decrease your SEO ranking. This is something that Google themselves have admitted. This is because the content will sound unnatural and robotic, and this will decrease the quality of your website. However, if you go for a professional service you can expect your ranking to increase considerably.

When you consider all of the points above, it is not difficult to see why translation services are a must if your business is to maintain a professional brand image.