Online Professional Translation Services

Online Professional Translation Services – What Languages Should You Translate Your Website Into?

Online Professional Translation Services

Online professional translation services are becoming more and more popular, as business owners recognise the number of benefits associated with having their website translated. This includes the likes of appealing to a wider audience and boosting SEO. However, what languages should you translate your website into?

The first aspect you need to consider before seeking professional translation services is where potential customers for your services or products are located. For some businesses, this may be obvious, but for others it requires in-depth research into your target market. You need to determine where there is going to be a high level of demand for what you have got to offer. Let’s say your company creates game apps for smartphones. You will need to determine the countries whereby game downloads and revenue is high. Some research will point you in the direction of the likes of Germany, France, Russia, Japan, and China, and thus you have a good indication of what languages to translate your website and application into.

You may also have a lot of website visitors from overseas locations. If this is the case, you should translate into their native language. Take a look at your Google Analytics to determine where your site visitors are coming from. You may think there is no need to translate to their native tongue, as they are already visiting your site as it is. However, research indicates that 72 per cent of online customers spend the majority, if not all, of their time on websites in their own language. Thus, you can expect more visitors who spend longer on your website once you have invested in translation services.

Finally, if you are really struggling to determine what languages to translate your website into with online professional translation services, you could start off by looking at the most used languages on the Internet. According to Internet World Stats, these are as follows – English, Korean, Russian, French, Arabic, Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.