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After working independently in the language sector for over 10 years, Logical Translations was created in 2002 focusing on international business translation and interpretation. With the emergence of the freelance sector, we took the initiative by building our reputation, client base and portfolio on www.peopleperhour.com and www.elance.com. As the market has continued to expand and diversify, we have also expanded to create our own website. Our goal is to make our services more easily accessible to clients worldwide at a more competitive rate.

American Translator Association miti Our translators are ATA and or ITI certified having extensive experience in translating documents throughout a wide array of specialties.

What we do

At Logical Translations, we provide language translation services in a range of fields. These include but are not limited to: legal, mechanical, technical, medical industries. We also handle translations of a general nature.

Our language services include full translation and proofreading to provide a true reflection of your source text. We also provide editing and video subtitling services. Our services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year with qualified professional interpreters covering over 200 languages and dialects.

All of our translation professionals are fully trained and accredited to meet the highest standards in our industry. Additionally, to be considered for employment, they must have been successful in the translation sector for their chosen fields of expertise for a minimum of 10 years and hold a minimum of a BA in languages.

This focus on quality and service has allowed us to become one of the most competitive and sought after language service providers in the UK by clients including BE Aerospace and Bloomsbury Publishing London.


Easy to work with on a tricky job, would recommend, Steve knows his stuff and works hard to get the job completed. Chris E, GB | English - Spanish, Italian & Finnish
An absolutely fantastic service from this freelancer. Beat the deadline by 2 days and a great price. Nobody else could come close! Joanna J, GB | Mandarin - English
Excellent quality work, well presented and quickly executed. Warren B, GB | English - German
Excellent communication and ongoing advice and support for my mini but complicated project. Would highly recommend and use their services again. Zahed O, GB | English - Thai
They were helpful and efficient and mobilised a team to complete to a tight timetable over a weekend. Got us out of a tight hole and we were very pleased. Melanie N, GB | English - French
Fast turnaround and to a very high standard. Would highly recommend, and happy to work with again. TopLine C, GB | English - Dutch
Absolutely excellent service - communicative, within tight deadline and great translation. A pleasure to deal with! Pali R, GB | English - Hindi
Excellent job as always, thanks for bending over backwards to make the deadline! Kamran R, US | English - Korean

Going Global? Don't Let Your Business Get Lost in Translation

When trading internationally, it’s to your advantage to translate your website and company literature into your target market’s language. The effect of making it easier for potential clients to find and readily understand your products and services is important for expansion and growth of your company in the international market place. In a recent survey, the majority of those polled assumed that, since English is the most common online language, it is acceptable to have a website’s literature in English only, with no need for translation to other languages. However, the truth is, that most commercial webusers are located in countries where English is not the lingua franca.

The survey also added the fact that 72.1% of those polled, spent most or all of their time at sites written in their local language, with the percentage rising to 89.1% for those with little or no English skills. This emphasises the need to translate your website into the languages of target markets, thereby giving you access to a truly global market, increasing the visibility, marketability and profitability of your company. Website translation also gives the audience a personal connection. By translating your website, it shows your respect and appreciation towards the people you are targeting and depicts your business as being internationally professional. It's much easier to influence people in their native language, as it removes ambiguity in the understanding of the text.

All of these reasons give credence to the slogan "Think Global, Act Local".

Our previous clients

Document Translation Services

At Logical Translations, we provide translation services to the highest standard of accuracy spanning many industries. Our professional team of translators are able to complete any project, regardless of its size, within your time-frame and enable you to meet or exceed your publishing goals.


Our extensive team of highly professional translators provide translation in over 200 languages and our extensive quality assurance methods, ensure that the translation you receive accurately conveys the message you intended in the target language. Our translation team members are ATA and / or ITI certified and have extensive experience in the translation of documents in a wide variety of specialty fields. These include:

  • Social Services
  • Medicine
  • Defense
  • Legal
  • Immigration
  • Finance
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology

Price Guide

Please note that the pricing structures below are a guide only and that discounts may apply on large volumes of text. For your peace of mind, we recommend that you contact us for an official quote.

  • General £0.04 per word
  • Legal £0.05-£0.06 per word
  • Medical £0.06-£0.08 per word
  • Technical £0.05-£0.08 per word
  • Mechanical £0.05-£0.08 per word
  • Financial £0.05-£0.08 per word
  • Marketing £0.04-£0.06 per word

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